It all began after receiving a notification of being a part of this year's Draft for The Rookies. Followed by the Finalists announcement.

After a long wait, The Rookies finally has come to an end for 2017. Being finalist for this year's Rookie of the Year and Film of the Year, it was a great opportunity to tell the world that an existing talent is ready to take bigger and better opportunities in the film industry. Despite not getting a slot for Rookie of the Year, people has decided to support and give our very own Producer, Kent Donguines as a People's Choice Awardee.

Moreover, for Film of the Year - Film Production, "Iridescence" a story about Logan is a 16-year-old boy whose mother just passed away and now is left alone with his abusive father, Vince. Afraid that his son is not manly enough or even worst, homosexual, Vince tattoos on Logan’s body words that will force him to remember what kind of man he shouldn’t be; weak, fragile, feminine and worthless. finished as a Runner-up for the said category.

It was a great experience overall and we would like to extend our congratulations to the winners. We're excited to see more entries for next year's The Rookies.#KD

See full list of winners here: